Remember Everything

With just a touch of your phone

A Digital Sticky Note That Holds Unlimited Notes & Photos

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Drag the phone on the Cloudbook!

How is it better?

Saves paper

You never run out of space with Cloudbook because you can write unlimited notes on one Cloudbook. Cloudbook is made from high quality, non tearable & washable material. That means no tearing, no smudging & least chance of losing your notes.

No paper & no need to search the damn pen! Go Green!

No apps

There are many wonderful ToDo List / Notes taking smartphone & PC apps. The ToDo lists invariably grow very long & over time it becomes hard to find your notes. Human mind is tuned to remember things by their location. We don't need to & don't want to remember all the things all the time. Apps make it hard to preserve the locational context of information.

Cloudbook is stuck on things & at places, thereby preserving the locational context. To access Cloudbook's notes you don't need any app if you have a NFC enabled smartphone or any QR Code reader app (which are multi purpose).

Let Pictures Speak

Cloudbook allows you to add picture notes on things. That's a powerful way to preserve the state of things at a point in time & a super quick way to retrieve it. Eg. you could take the photo of bills & warranty certificate of a product & add it to the Cloudbook stuck on the product. And yes, you can stick a Cloudbook on the mirror, add a selfie to it each week & watch yourself growing wiser!

Shoot your things. Add the shots into things!

Privacy Control

You can choose to make the Cloudbook accessible only to you. Or, you can make the Cloudbook public whereby anyone would be able to see & add notes after signing-in into Linqs.

Carry them everywhere

Want to take your grocery list Cloudbook to the super store? You don't need to peel the Cloudbook ! Just open in your mobile browser & you'd find your Cloudbook there!

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